LaTeX Poster Template



A LaTeX template to efficently design pretty posters for scientific conferences. Posters are composited of blocks with headings, which can be positioned easily on the page, using absolute or relative positioning. A number of predefined styles can be composed to generate new color schemes and ornaments.



There is a rudimentary documentation in the package. You can also download baposter_guide.pdf directly.



There probably are some, they are tracked at the baposter bugtracker. You can also send me an eMail, but then I might forget it if I'm too busy.


Use this class with pdflatex, pslatex probably wont work, though I never tried.

I have confirmed that this package works with

It does not seem to work with

if in doubt, try to install a new version of the PGF library.

This class also needs a modern version of xkeyvals. I have confirmed it to fail with xkeyval 2005/01/30 v2.0 and to work with xkeyval 2006/11/18 v2.5f. If you are getting the following error message:


! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type H <return> for immediate help.

l.130 \define@cmdkey[ba]{poster}[b
aposter@]{grid} [no] ...

then your xkeyvals package is too old.


Some of these examples are part of the source package, in the examples/ subdirectory. The code for examples which are not included is not available, as it is incompatible with the current version of baposter.


brians icvss 2011 poster

CVPR' 11

cvpr11 poster

CVPR' 09

cvpr09 poster

AFGR '08


For ICVSS I introduced portrait and landscape modes. Here the same poster in both modes.

icvss poster

icvss poster, landscape version

ICCV '07

iccv07 poster

CVPR '07

cvpr07 poster

samis cvpr07 poster


  1. How do I change the number of columns
    Since version 1.04 (10. June 2010) there is an option to set the number of columns, you can choose between 1 to 6 columns, the default is 4 columns in landscape and 3 columns in portrait mode. (Use columns=n) in the poster options
  2. How do I change the text in the boxes (\textsc does not work)
    Use \sc instead of \textsc, as this applies to more than one paragraph.
  3. Which colours did you use for ICVSS'08?
    Here are the important parts of the header. The full poster does not compile with the current version of the poster style, because some presets have changed.
          % Poster Options
          % Color style
          % Format of textbox
          % Format of text header
          headerfont=\Large\textsf, %Sans Serif
  4. How do I use a background image?
    Use the \background command:
          \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]%
          \draw (current page.north west)+(-2em,2em) node[anchor=north west]
  5. How do I set a specific output size?
    There are now options to change the paper size (refer to the documentation).
  6. How do I use a bib file instead of a static bibliography as used in the examples?
    Here is the suggestion of Trey Brooks:
              %For use with external .bib file
              % First command removes "References" canned text.
              % For more info visit:
  7. How do I make more space in the header (for a multi-line header or more author names)?
    First ask yourself if you really need this. The chances that anyone will read your poster are negatively correlated with the amount of text on the poster, and a long title already dispells the majority of people before they even start reading your poster.
    Apart from that there is a headerheight= option to set the total height of the header.
  8. What about hyperref?
    Hyperref does not play well with pgfpages+geometry which are used to make the poster the right size. This should be fixed by changing the page scaling code to no longer scale the page but instead change the fontsizes, but that will be alot of work (and result in much cleaner code).
  9. Why does it not compile with ...?
    Use pdflatex and a current version of pgf.
  10. Why is \ref failing inside of a tikzpicture ...?
    See issue 30 for an explanation.


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